Which animals are blind?

There are a lot of animals in the natural world that have some distinctive features. For example, some animals lack vision, and some have eyes themselves. It is worth noting that this does not prevent them from navigating well in space. Let’s take a look at the list of blind animals that live in our world.

  1. The Mole

The most famous blind animal. He has eyes, but they see almost nothing. Moles do not need vision, because underground in complete darkness they make do with sense of smell and touch.

  1. Naked digger

This is an African rodent that mainly lives in the territories of Kenya, Ethiopia and Somalia. Instead of vision, they have sharp and strong teeth, with which they feed on tubers, bulbs and rhizomes.

  1. The Blind man

Such rodents very rarely crawl out into the light. Basically, they are underground. The blind man’s eyes are reduced, they are under the skin.

  1. Blind snakes

In fact, such snakes are very similar to worms. They live deep underground and feed on larvae. There is absolutely no poison in them.

  1. Sedentary animals

These are the animals that lead a stationary lifestyle. These include ticks, sponges, protozoa and other parasites. They sit carelessly in the algae, and do not swim freely. They used to have vision, but with evolution, some vision disappeared or became somewhat simpler.

  1. Bats

In fact, they have a little vision, but they don’t really use it, because they use an echo sounder. With it, bats can set the position of objects and even the speed at which they move.

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