facts about animals

The laziest animals in the world

Have you ever been told by your parents: “Laziness was born before you”? Well, they were right. Laziness was born long before you or me. She appeared with the animals, and some of them actually serve as her embodiment. Even a sloth compared to them is activity itself, although it […]

Top 10 Scariest Extinct animals

Many of the animals that once roamed the Earth no longer exist. Although in some cases it is very sad, in other cases it is only for the best. It is unlikely that you would be happy to meet one of the ten most terrible extinct animals. 10. There is […]

Top 10 most expensive aquarium fish in the world

The most expensive fish, hunted by everyone from amateur enthusiasts to millionaire celebrities, can be astronomically expensive, which corresponds to its beauty and rarity. Here are the top 10 most expensive aquarium fish in the world, for which collectors are willing to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars. 10. Iron-forged […]

The most ridiculous and unusual wedding dresses

Take the children away from the screens, because now we will show something that can kill their sense of beauty forever. This is the top 10 of the most terrible and strange wedding dresses, some of which are generated by the imagination of designers, and others are the creations of […]

The most expensive things in the world

How much would you pay for a new car? A wristwatch? Or even for a statuette to decorate the house? Hardly millions of dollars, like some “money bags” willing to pay insane amounts for the best or rarest items. We present to you the most expensive things in the world, […]

The 15 biggest animals in the world

A person can consider himself the king of nature. But compared to the world’s largest animals, humans are nothing more than babies. Let’s take a look at the giants that still walk the Earth. 15. The giant flying fox ≈ 1.5 kg is the largest bat-winged animal on Earth. These […]

​50 interesting and curious facts about leopards

Leopards are the most common representatives of the feline family, after domestic cats. Leopards are the smallest representatives of the group of big cats, they are ahead of jaguars, lions and tigers. The average height of a leopard to the shoulders is about 70 centimeters. And the body length of […]

The 10 most dangerous creatures on Earth for humans

When you travel to wild places, you involuntarily wonder what animals can pose a danger to you. Sharks or venomous snakes are not always the most deadly, but often small and seemingly harmless inhabitants of our planet. Forewarned means armed. Perhaps you didn’t know about some of them. 10th place. […]

Top 10 most poisonous animals on the planet

Huge physical strength, powerful fangs and razor—sharp teeth are not the only weapons used in the animal world. Thousands of animals use highly toxic poisons to attack or defend themselves. We present to your attention the ten most poisonous creatures in the world. 1. Cubomedusa The main prize of our […]

Which animals are blind?

There are a lot of animals in the natural world that have some distinctive features. For example, some animals lack vision, and some have eyes themselves. It is worth noting that this does not prevent them from navigating well in space. Let’s take a look at the list of blind […]