The strangest roads and streets in the world

Some car trips can be terribly boring. But it also happens that not the destination, but the road and the streets along which you are driving are the main attractions. If you like to travel by car and want to see something unique on your next turn behind the wheel, set up your navigator for the strangest and most unusual roads and streets in the world.

10. The most winding street in the world is Lombard Street

Where it is located: on Russian Hill in San Francisco, USA Anyone who hopes to drive along the most crooked street in the world in the world may now have to pay a toll. The road with eight turns for 400 meters is so popular among tourists, which creates problems for the people who live there. City bosses believe that charging drivers $10 (slightly less than 640 rubles) will help ease traffic jams and noise on this unusual road.

9. The steepest paved road – Ffordd Pen Leh

Where it is located: the city of Harlech in North Wales, United Kingdom In July 2019, this street took away the official title of the steepest paved road in the world from the previous record holder for steepness – Baldwin Street in New Zealand. Ffordd Pen Lech has a length of 330 meters, and the lifting height is 50 meters. Some of its sections have a slope of 37.45%. At the steepest point, the slope of the road is 1: 2.67 (the height increases by one meter for every 2.67 meters of length), while at Baldwin Street it is 1:2.86. To avoid accidents, the authorities have restricted traffic on the northern part of the street, where cars are allowed to move only down.

8. The most musical road is the Civic Musical Road

Where it is located: the city of Lancaster, California, USA Many motorists like to say that they can hear the music of the road, but some roads really sound, and even how. One of the places where you can feel the rhythm of asphalt is in Lancaster, California, on the Civic Musical Road. Throughout its 400-meter length, car owners hear an excerpt from the overture to Gioacchino Rossini’s opera “Wilhelm Tell”. Initially, the road was intended to advertise the Honda Civic car, but soon after its construction it was necessary to move the music lanes away from residential buildings. Local residents did not appreciate the art and began to complain about the increased noise level.

7. The most “office road” is the multi-storey Gate Tower building

Where it is located: Osaka City, Japan Imagine an ordinary day in the office. Employees are busy with paperwork, someone is drinking coffee, and someone has secretly opened this website and is reading it. And cars are silently passing nearby. This is exactly what happens in one of the office buildings in Osaka, through which the Hanshin Expressway passes. The highway occupies three floors of a 16-storey office building. Since the passage of the route is perfectly soundproof, cars do not interfere with office workers in any way.

6. The narrowest street is the Spryerhofstrasse

Where it is located: the city of Reutlingen, Germany During the construction of this amazing street in 1727, the city authorities hardly thought that “self-moving carts” would ever pass through it. They do not rush by, because even a person who wants to walk along the Spryerhofstrasse has to move sideways. At the narrowest point, the width of the Spryerhofstrasse is 31 cm, and at the widest – 50 cm. But, despite its “impassability”, the street has become a symbol of the city and a popular tourist attraction.

5. The shortest street is Ebenezer Place

Where it is located: the city of Wick, Scotland Say something like “John Wick – Baba Yaga” on the go and you will already reach the end of the shortest street in the world. Its length is only 2.6 meters. And there is only one house on it. Under number 1. This is a small Mackays Hotel.

4. The longest road in winter is the Wapusk Trail

Where it is located: between Guillam, Manitoba and Peavanook, Ontario, Canada, the longest seasonal road with a length of 752 km is built every January in Canada. It is based on snow and ice, and allows local residents to travel to remote areas located around Hudson Bay for several weeks. In the warmer months, these areas are accessible only by air.

3. The most difficult road is the “Magic Carousel”

Where it is located: the city of Swindon, England This bunch of rings will make any tourist who dared to go there by car tear his hair and curse the day when he decided to get behind the wheel. It was built in 1972 and already then had the fame of the most difficult interchange in the world. Drivers need to move around the big ring clockwise, alternately overcoming five small circular nodes. Mini-rings are marked only with markings, which does not simplify the task for drivers.

2. The widest street is the Monumental Shaft

Where it is located: the city of Brasilia, Brazil The widest road in the world is located in the capital of Brazil. This avenue was opened in April 1960 and has a width of 250 meters. It connects the Municipal Square with the Three Powers Square. Locals even have an urban legend that hundreds of cars can drive along the Monumental Shaft at the same time. As they say, a strong statement that no one will check.

1. The longest road is the Pan-American Highway

Where it is located: from Alaska in the USA to Brasilia in Brazil, South America, the total length of this highway is 30,000 kilometers. If we do not take into account the 87-kilometer Darien gap, which is located in the jungle, on the border of Panama and Colombia, then the Pan-American Highway is the longest road in the world, it creates a single road system that includes all the national road networks of the continental states of America.

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