The most ridiculous and unusual wedding dresses

Take the children away from the screens, because now we will show something that can kill their sense of beauty forever. This is the top 10 of the most terrible and strange wedding dresses, some of which are generated by the imagination of designers, and others are the creations of ordinary people.

10. Cake dress

This dress was created by the baker Valentin Stefano for his bride Victoria. Ingredients such as flour, sugar, eggs, caramel and 1500 cream cakes were used for its production. The whole process of “wedding baking” took two months. And the outfit weighs 10 kilograms. Do you think it will still be edible after a whole day on the body?

9. Spherical dress

Do you want a wedding dress that emphasizes not the dignity of the figure, but the hamburger that you ate for lunch? On the other hand, such a magnificent outfit may be suitable for women who want to hide their rounded tummy from invited guests.

8. Dress for a pregnant woman

The desire to save on material and draw attention to her pregnancy led to the creation of this dress. It turned out, in our opinion, not very beautiful, but the main thing is that the bride likes it, right?

7. The condom dress

Unlike other unusual wedding dresses, was created purely for educational purposes – to inform about AIDS in Africa. There is nothing wrong with drawing attention to important issues, but it is difficult to call such a creation beautiful.

6. Octopus Dress

Admit it, did you also think about the witch Ursula from Disney’s “The Little Mermaid” when you looked at this dress? However, the bride lacks 4 more legs to be a real octopus. And the fact that parts of the dress are tied to her hands is also very annoying.

5. Hello Kitty dress

is the perfect option for a bride who adores the popular Japanese Hello Kitty doll. Or “stuck in childhood.”

4. Miley Cyrus style Dress

This dress does not leave much room for imagination, so not only the groom, but all the guests will see how charming the bride is. We are not sure whether the family will be delighted, who will have to watch their daughter and sister flaunt in a similar outfit on the best day of their lives. But twerking is convenient to dance.

3. Is the cauliflower dress a Cthulhu?

Is it a supervillain who kills with his own kind or is it mounting foam? No, it’s a wedding dress that, in theory, should resemble clouds. But it resembles something else.

2. Cocoon dress by Yves Saint Laurent

Famous designer Yves Saint Laurent designed this strange wedding dress, inspired by the Russian nesting doll. And if on your wedding day you want to feel tightly wrapped in a cocoon, then this dress is definitely for you. And now you can unpack the bride!

1. A wedding dress with a vagina

Suppose there is a woman who will be very happy to show her feminine pride on the wedding day. But looking at this dress, an immodest question arises. Will the groom have such a big dick?

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