The most expensive things in the world

How much would you pay for a new car? A wristwatch? Or even for a statuette to decorate the house? Hardly millions of dollars, like some “money bags” willing to pay insane amounts for the best or rarest items. We present to you the most expensive things in the world, a selection of items that will ruin most people on Earth.

10. Heintzman crystal grand piano – $3.22 million.

Before this grand piano was sold at auction to an unknown buyer, it sounded all over the world at the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing. This musical instrument may look too beautiful for you to want to play it. And now it makes crystal-clear sounds in the house of a private owner.

9. Passion Azteca Tequila – $3.5 million

This drink is made from six-year-old blue agave juice. But who needs the contents when the vessel in which it is located is much more interesting? The most expensive tequila in the world is so expensive because its bottle is made of platinum and white gold and is covered with almost 6,500 diamonds. But there are cheaper options – tequila without a diamond frame, in a bottle of gold or platinum will cost 250 thousand dollars.

8. Neiman Marcus Limited Edition Fighter – $11 million

Among the most expensive items may be more exotic and compact copies. But there are no such fast ones as the most expensive motorcycle in the world. Only 45 copies of the Neiman Marcus Limited Edition Fighter saw the light. With its powerful 2-liter turbo engine, this 195 kg road monster can accelerate up to 300 kilometers per hour. In 2000, its cost was $110,000 – not too expensive compared to other most expensive things. However, Neiman Marcus Limited Edition Fighter is one of those iron horses that only get more expensive over time. Now it is a very popular, extremely rare and very expensive “street sci-fi dream”, as Neiman Marcus described his creation.

7. The Wittelsbach-Graff diamond – $24 million.

Found in India in the 17th century, this dark blue diamond weighing 35.36 carats has seen many crowned heads in its lifetime. The first of them was the Spanish monarch Philip IV, who presented it to Infanta Margarita Teresa in honor of her engagement to Leopold I. Subsequently, he came to the Elector Karl Albrecht of the House of Wittelsbach, who ruled Bavaria. And remained in the Bavarian crown until the First World War. Hence the first name of the stone. In 2008, the London house of Christie’s put up a diamond for auction, and it was purchased by jeweler Lawrence Graff from Graff Diamonds. Dissatisfied with “25 flaws of the stone and multiple chips and scratches as a result of numerous changes over the past 360-plus years,” he turned it into an impeccable quality diamond weighing 31.06 carats.

6. Graff Diamonds Hallucination watches – $55 million

The most expensive wristwatches in the world are encrusted with yellow, pink, blue, gray and orange diamonds in various shapes. Their total weight reaches 110 carats. The specialists of the London jewelry company Graff Diamonds spent several thousand hours of work on creating this alluring Hallucination.

5. Ferrari 250 GTO 1963 – $ 70 million.

In June 2018, the most expensive car in the world was purchased by David McNeil, founder and CEO of WeatherTech. According to CNN, “owners very rarely part with it (the car) for any price,” because there are only 39 Ferrari copies produced between 1962 and 1964 in the world. – Ferrari 250 GTO is an analogue of Van Gogh’s Sunflowers on the automotive market, – said auction chairman James Knight.

4. Falcon Supernova iPhone 6 – 95.5 million dollars.

The lucky few who managed to hold in their hands the most expensive smartphone in the world, laid out almost $ 100 million not for its “stuffing”. It is no different from the usual version of the iPhone 6 – the Apple A8 processor, already far from the most powerful, a 4.7-inch screen, an 1810 mAh battery, 1 GB of RAM and 128 GB of storage for user content. Of interest is a unique pink diamond located under the Apple logo. For those who are not ready to part with such a sum, there are cheaper options – with blue or orange diamonds. The body of the device is made of yellow gold, rose gold or platinum – at the customer’s choice.

3. Alberto Giacometti’s sculpture “Pointing Man” – $ 141.3 million.

In the photos of the most expensive things in the world, we usually see elegant, stylish objects made of precious materials. And it takes years to create them. But the sculpture “Pointing Man” is not one of those. She looks more like a Slenderman than a work of art. And yet art lovers are willing to pay millions of dollars for it. After all, its creator is the famous Swiss sculptor Alberto Giacometti. He created the “Pointing Man” in just one night. The 180-centimeter figure symbolizes weakness, loneliness and the desire to escape from the fear generated by the Second World War. Even in the post-war period, people could not recover from the horror they suffered. That’s why this and other sculptures by Giacometti are so thin and their appearance is clearly not joyful.

2. Leonardo da Vinci’s painting “The Savior of the World” – 450 million dollars.

One of the most famous paintings by Leonardo da Vinci was acquired in 2017 by Saudi Prince Bader bin Abdullah bin Mohammed bin Farhan al-Saud. According to sources , this buyer was only an intermediary, and the true owner of the painting was the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia Mohammed bin Salman,. A representative of the Christie’s auction house claimed that da Vinci’s masterpiece was bought by the Abu Dhabi Tourism Department. Whatever it was, the “Savior of the World” is the most expensive piece of art in the world ever put up for auction. The painting was first sold for $60 in 1958. I wonder what the previous owners would say if they found out how much they paid for the “Savior of the World” 59 years later?

1. Yacht Streets of Monaco – $ 1 billion

That’s the answer to the question of what is the most expensive thing in the world. This huge yacht-city is a miniature principality of Monaco, with all its most important sights. And what are the sights in Monaco? That’s right, hotels and casinos. And Formula 1 races on the Monaco Grand Prix circuit. It was not possible to place the track itself on the yacht, so the go-karting platform is responsible for creating the atmosphere of the races. Yacht Island Design is not the first company to create themed yachts designed to entertain multi-billionaires and their friends. However, such a large-scale project in her practice was probably the first time. Let other vessels surpass Streets of Monaco in speed, but this yacht is the most expensive in the world.

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