The most expensive sex toys in the world

Even such an activity as sex, some people prefer to diversify and combine pleasant with pleasant, using sex toys. And pleasure is not cheap, because the price of the most expensive sex toys can reach hundreds of thousands of dollars. Here are some of the most expensive, luxurious, and sometimes completely ridiculous sex toys in the world.

10. Lelo Yva in gold Price – 3,3 thousand dollars

Opens our rating of elite sex toys covered with 18-carat gold vibrator, which is more like a small exotic fruit. According to the manufacturer, it is more powerful than any intimate massager, which guarantees maximum pleasure. In addition, gold has antibacterial properties and is not porous. The vibrator comes with five stimulation modes and does not cause noise if that bothers you. You can stimulate your partner using Lelo Yva or have a good massage session for your erogenous zones.

9. Gold Tickler Price – 4.5 thousand dollars

Is an indispensable thing for those who have elevated tickling to the rank of a fetish. This erotic toy comes with soft ostrich feathers on a gold ring. You can even wear it as a pendant if you want to show off your fetish. By the way, sexual excitement from tickling even has its own term – “tickling”.

8. Betony Vernon String of Pearls Price – from 1.9 to 4.8 thousand dollars

depending on the materials, Some sexy jewelry have a second purpose, and here is a vivid example of this. This beautiful ring can be worn as an ornament, or used for intimate massage. It must be an interesting feeling when the pearls slide over the genitals. The description of this ring says that it should be “worn on the middle finger of your most skillful hand, turn the pearls to the palm and plunge into the world of adventurous foreplay.”

7. Sell Pleasure Price – 13.4 thousand dollars

This double clitoral vibrator made of 18-carat gold looks like a fortune cookie and costs the same as a used car. But at least you will get a golden key so that no one can steal your treasure.

6. Lelo Inez in gold Price – 13.4 thousand dollars

Gold changes temperature faster than most metals. Thus, a gold-plated dildo, such as Lelo Inez, has some interesting advantages over its less pretentious and expensive “colleagues”. This vibrator, covered with 24-karat gold, has 8 vibration settings and is “ideal for those who understand that pleasure does not have a price.”

5. The Eternity Egg Price – 25 thousand dollars

This elegant sex toy is the creation of designer Colin Byrne, who successfully combines eroticism and aesthetics in luxury items. It is made of 18-karat yellow and white gold and covered with diamonds.

4. Venetian Style “Casanova” Dildo Price – 33 thousand.

American Designer Colin Burns is one of the most progressive representatives of jewelry art, especially when it comes to the most expensive toys for sex. And “Casanova” is one of his best creations. It is a high-quality gold dildo inspired by the famous Italian lover from Venice. Like all of Colin’s works, it is made of very expensive materials: a lot of gold, emeralds, sapphires, diamonds, and a giant Mediterranean pearl crowns this splendor. The gems were installed flush to avoid damage to the genitals.

3. Victor Phantasm Dildo Price – 60 thousand dollars

Imagine: a lover takes out a new dildo and offers to use it to his beloved. After she experienced the most unusual orgasm in her life, he divides the dildo into two halves, gets down on one knee and makes her a marriage proposal. This is the kind of experience that an expensive Victor Phantasm dildo can offer. It is made of white gold, studded with 27 small diamonds, and in the middle is a diamond engagement ring! As they say: combo!

2. Velv’Or King J Cobra Price – 123.1 thousand.

It’s hard to think of anything less sexy (or less comfortable) than a giant golden snake wrapped around a man’s dignity. But, probably, someone is ready to pay a six-digit figure for this erectile ring. It’s funny that on the biggest dick in the world, the snake queen would look no bigger than a worm. It takes more than 100 hours to make each such cobra, and the manufacturing company offers the buyer to wear this ring throughout the day to improve sexual health and become more masculine and self-confident.

1. Pearl Royale Price – $1.8 million

This seven-inch vibrator, similar to the fruit of love of a rocket and a chess piece, is the most expensive sex toy in the world at the moment. To be fair, it sounds like jeweler Colin Byrne created it just for the sake of the process itself (creative, of course). In an interview, Byrne recalled that the sex toys he encountered in his youth were cheap and sticky products. “Vibrators were known as ‘marriage helpers,'” he said. “These were the products you used, not what you wanted.” The unique Pearl Royale is made of white gold platinum, decorated with pink and white diamonds, blue sapphires and pearls. It took about 15 years to make this sex toy.

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