The 20 scariest people on Earth

Beautiful people are always surrounded by attention. But it can be fun, raising self-esteem and increasing the number of fans. To the most terrible people, others are less supportive, they are often poked with a finger, discuss the shortcomings of appearance in a whisper or publicly, and commit many other unpleasant things for a person. Some people from our selection of the most terrible people in the world have adapted to this, and some even enjoy such an attitude, earning good money from it.

20. Joseph Merrick

Let’s start the rating of the most terrible people with the famous “elephant man” who lived in Victorian England. Behind his terrible appearance, a sensitive nature was hiding, Joseph wrote poetry and collected models of cathedrals from paper. However, he had to earn a living by working in a local circus and performing in a freak show. Merrick is one of the victims of Proteus syndrome, a genetic disease that causes excessive growth of the head, skin and bones. Because of his huge head, he was forced to sleep sitting up. And when the weight of the head bent the thin neck, 27-year-old Merrick died of asphyxia.

19. Jocelyn Wildenstein

Someone calls this billionaire a lioness woman, and someone a monster or a victim of plastic surgery. Only she alone knows the exact number of plastic surgeries that she voluntarily went to in order to turn her once beautiful face into a likeness of a lion’s muzzle. So Jocelyn wanted to please her ex-husband, Alec Wildenstein, who passionately loved lions, more. However, in 1999, Alec traded his kitty for a Russian model Luba Stupakova. And Jocelyn remembered him with a strange addiction to facial plastic surgery and billions of dollars in compensation.

18. Didier Montalvo

For most people, moles on the body are only a small cosmetic problem. However, for the Colombian boy, moles have become a real curse. After all, one of them occupied most of his back, turning it into a kind of turtle shell. English surgeon Neil Bulstrode performed a successful operation to remove a huge mole, after which six-year-old Didier lived the life of an ordinary child.

17. Rudy Santos

This Filipino has become a victim of a rare condition – craniopagus parasiticus (parasitic twin). On his stomach is a pair of arms and legs, as well as an underdeveloped head with one ear and hair that belonged to his unborn brother. Because of this, Rudy was nicknamed the “octopus man”. In the 70s of the last century, he actively participated in various freak shows, and even refused surgical removal of extra limbs, explaining that he had physically and spiritually grown together with his twin.

16. Melanie Gaydos

Sometimes a terrible appearance does not interfere, but helps to achieve fame. Melanie, who was born with ectodermal dysplasia, practically has no body hair, she has only three teeth, and those are milk (the rest fell out, but the root ones never appeared). But the girl was at least somewhat lucky – she contacted the photographers of the Craigslist site, who were looking for people with a unique look. Now Melanie is a sought-after model and actress.

15. Jose Mestre

Living with a tumor is a terrible ordeal that Jose Mestre has been going through all his life. He was born with a hemangioma, a benign tumor that grew and grew until it reached a weight of 5.5 kg. She literally buried Jose’s face under her, blinded one eye and almost made it impossible to breathe. Fortunately, McKay McKinnon, a doctor from Chicago, was able to relieve the patient of such a heavy burden. It took three operations.

14. Jason Szechterli

One of the scariest people in the world is known as “the man with the removed face”. The fault is a car accident. Jason’s car caught fire, and he received terrible burns, and the skin on his face was completely burned. Doctors managed to save Shechterli’s life, but his former appearance is irretrievably lost.

13. Supatra Sasufan

There are very few people in the world suffering from Ambras syndrome, and Supatra is one of them. It is also called the werewolf syndrome. The girl was called “wolf” and “monkey face”, but getting into the Guinness Book of Records as the world’s most hairy girl brought Sasufan popularity among classmates. However, despite the “wolfish appearance” Supatra managed to find her love. She got married and now shaves her face every day.

12. Carlos “Half” Rodriguez

is not the only man who has suffered a serious head injury. But he is perhaps the most famous. Carlos, being under the influence of alcohol and drugs, got into a car accident, flew out of the front window and landed on his head. Many did not believe that he would not survive, but he did. Now Rodriguez is a supporter of a policy that prohibits drunk driving, and also urges not to use drugs.

11. Claudio Vieira

a resident of Brazil, is also known as the “Man with an inverted Head.” When he was born, doctors advised his mother not to feed him. No one believed that Claudio would survive, except his family. As a result, Claudio received a diploma in accounting, and then continued to work as a motivational speaker.

10. Dennis Avner

This American was obsessed with becoming a cat. And he became one. At least his face resembles a cat’s muzzle, his upper lip is split in two, his teeth are pointed, and his fingernails look more like claws. Would you dare to pet such a cat? I’m not.

9. Abigail and Brittany Hensel

These girls are Siamese twins, they have one body, but two heads. Abigail and Brittany have two spinal cords, but all the organs below the waist are common. Even more interesting is that their eating habits, clothing choices and favorite colors are different.

8. Sain Mumtaz

A resident of Pakistan looks like a monster. But not because he likes being him. He suffers from a rare condition – Proteus syndrome, which has disfigured his head. But mentally the man is normal, and suffers a lot from the attitude of others. He is not hired, and when Sain was a child, local residents often ran away when they saw him. Over time, they got used to his appearance. Unfortunately, there is no medicine for people with Proteus syndrome that stops excessive bone growth.

7. Mohammad Kaleim

Among the photos of the most terrible people there are also children’s ones. Alas, nature is sometimes cruel even to its young creatures. Mohammad Kaleim from India was born with a rare disease: his palms grew to a gigantic size – 33 centimeters. In 2015, he underwent surgery to reduce the size of his hands. However, Kalame is still included in the list of the most unusual people in the world.

6. Billy Owen

In 2013, Billy lost half of his face and one of his eyeballs. This tragedy was the result of one of the rare forms of cancer. To save the patient’s life, surgeons removed part of his nasopharynx and upper palate. Owen embraced his new life by joining Freakshow. And now he earns his living by participating in festivals and shows about zombies.

5. Yu Zhenhuang

This Chinese looks like a hybrid of a monkey and a human. And even got the nickname “Half-Monkey”. Hair covers 96% of the surface of his body.

4. Mandy Sellars

The fourth place in the top 10 scariest people is occupied by a woman with unusually large legs. Due to a rare genetic mutation called “Proteus syndrome”, her lower limbs were far ahead of the size of the rest of her body. Mandy had to remove one of them to the knee. This unique woman was the subject of the television documentary “The Loss of One of My Giant Legs.”

3. Eric Sprague

“The Lizard” is a vivid example of how you can voluntarily become one of the most terrible people on Earth. This man earns his living by performing for the amusement of the public, both live and on TV. He has pointed teeth, a full-body tattoo in the form of green scales, subcutaneous implants and green lipstick for lips. Once there were rumors that he wanted to transplant the tail, but Eric said that it was impossible.

2. Petero Byakatonda

A resident of Uganda is called an “egghead boy”, and looking at the photos of the scariest people in the world, you will immediately understand the reason for this nickname. He suffers from Crouzon syndrome – deformity of the facial and cerebral parts of the skull, which occurs even in the prenatal period. Because of this, Petero’s eyeballs and ears are out of place.

1. Elizabeth “Lizzie” Velasquez

This woman was born with a rare congenital disease – Wiedemann-Rautenstrauch syndrome. Because of him, the accumulation of fat in Lizzie’s body does not occur and her weight has never exceeded 29 kilograms. As a child, she became blind in her right eye, and her left one sees poorly. As if Lizzie’s physical sufferings were not enough, people added moral ones to them. Someone posted her video on Youtube, and it was called “The scariest Girl in the World.” When Velasquez watched the video and read the comments under it, she did not get depressed, but began posting responses to the most offensive posts. Currently, he is a motivational speaker, explaining to other people how to respond to bullying and fight stereotypes. And let her continue to be called the scariest woman in the world, Elizabeth Velasquez’s strength of spirit can be envied by many physically healthy people.

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